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Experience the powerful fusion of world-renowned sales training by Dan "The Deej" Jourdan and Quickpage, the premier video sales tool.

Unlock the Power of Video for Your Home Services Company

Surpass Your Competitors

With only 15% of Home Services companies harnessing the power of video, now is the perfect moment to create a lasting impact. Stand out from rivals who are stuck using dull, undistinguished methods like emails.

Boost Response Rates by 60%

Video is the ultimate bridge! As 93% of communication comprises voice inflection and body language, video rapidly establishes trust and connection, converting cold leads into enthusiastic inquiries.

Bid Farewell to Appointment No-Shows

A straightforward video confirmation can significantly enhance attendance at your appointments. More confirmed appointments naturally translate into increased sales opportunities.

Secure More Contracts

Witness an increase in successful closures - an average of 3 additional contracts per month - through the integration of video. When customers visit your website, they already feel a connection, drastically reducing the time typically spent on building rapport. Propel your sales process forward with the influential impact of video.

Unlock These Stellar Features

Quick Start, Easy Learn

Perfect even for non-techies. Get started in just minutes

Mobile Meets Desktop

User-friendly mobile app harmonizes with your desktop for smooth operation

AI Writer

Streamline Customer Responses Effortlessly

Stop Being Ghosted

Capture your customers' attention and inspire them to respond eagerly to your inquiries

Live Chat Feature

Engage in real-time conversation with built-in chat on each page

Multi-Video Power

Mix testimonials, walkthroughs, introductions, and more on one page

Voices from the field: Our Clients Speak

Consultants do their best work face to face

With Quickpage, your team can play to their strengths, and connect with leads in a personal way before they even come to the lot.

  • Ignite instant recognition when customers arrive, fostering a sense of familiarity and connection from the get-go.
  • Skip the drawn-out small talk and rapport-building process, instead, dive straight into impactful conversations that accelerate towards a sale.
  • Skyrocket your gross profit, transforming your business sales with a surge of financial gains.
Quickpage Video Email

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Asking for Referral videos

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